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D.Rothe drothe at
Sun Jan 23 19:20:26 EST 2005

Here is one example I use alot, this is suited for win xp.

on preOpenStack
-- get users screen size

put the screenrect into tScreenSize

set itemDel to ","

put item 3 of tScreenSize into tWidth

put item 4 of tScreenSize into tHeight

set the rect of this stack to 2,28,tWidth,tHeight

end preOpenStack

the line (set the rect of this stack to 2,28,tWidth,tHeight) allows for
window border size.
2 = from left
28 = from top
tWidth = width of screen size
tHeight = height of screen size
You could also use tWidth-2 , tHeight-4 to show more border....
Play around with it to suit your needs!!!!

Cheers Dwayne.........
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> How do I make a stack open up to the default resolution?
> EX:     640X480, 800X600, 1200X1600 ect
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