click and add

bassamnaji bassamnaji at
Sun Jan 23 11:24:58 EST 2005

Hi All,
           Help.. help help.. so far when I click on a link on the web I
view it, save the file, what I need is to be able to open 1st link, then as
I click I need to add it on the 1st one, and so on to build the document
from our main web server. I know add to basket , or cart adds table or
numbers only, I wish it can add the brochure along the price and
description, and have it as document builder??

            Do you think I should use layers to build a document, with
colorful brochures?

            The file I need to add at all PDF with fixed page numbers, can
use html if I have to..

I do not like the software where you you have to have all file saved in a
directory and then add and drop??

Any solution? I offer lunch!

Best Regards


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