Synchronization puzzle.

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Fri Jan 21 20:08:35 EST 2005

I wrote:

> [ slightly OT - this is a "design / algorithm" question rather than a 
> Rev/xtalk one, really ]
> [and it's a long, rambling email - so feel free to skip it]
You just can't get  good staff these days :-)
My typist (that's me) missed a crucial sentence or two when transferring 
hand-written notes to email.

>  same ID.
>  compare 'last-events' :
>        same :   everything is good, advance both current counters.
>        different - but the last-event machine is the same
>                 take whichever entry has the later edit time (note - 
> from same machine, so they can be compared),
>                           and add to the other database
>                  advance both counters
>         different - and different machines:

if my 'ID + last-event' is in his history database - his entry is later 
ACTION : add his entry to my database
if his 'ID+last-event' is in my history database - my entry is later  
ACTION: add my entry to his database
if all data fields are identical - skip, no action needed.

>                  there is no way to tell which is later - user needs 
> to resolve differences, or postpone.
>                  then advance both counters.

I should have just sent the code .....

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