RAD contest...;-)

David Grogono dave at realsoftware.com
Fri Jan 21 19:10:34 EST 2005

David Vaughan wrote:

> As for Mr Grogono, a man who on my reading can deny and then admit the
> same thing in a single paragraph,

If you'd like me to clarify anything I said please contact me off list as
I'd rather not add clutter here.  If after contacting me off list you'd like
me to also clarify it on this list I'd be happy to do so.

> he might recall that a predecessor in
> his company when writing to this list had the courage to sign his
> messages in full rather than restrict the information to his e-mail
> address.

This has nothing to do with "courage".  As I stated in my previous reply to
Chipp I tend not to use signatures.  Since my current signature (when I
choose to use it) advertises both REAlbasic and the upcoming REAlbasic User
Conference it seemed inappropriate to use it on this list when I rarely use
it on our own lists.
Best regards,
David Grogono

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