RAD contest...;-)

David Vaughan dvk at dvkconsult.com.au
Fri Jan 21 15:43:41 EST 2005

On 22/01/2005, at 4:00, Meitnik at aol.com wrote:
>> It seems to me a more significant contest between the two systems 
>> would
>> be to assign the same project to two very experienced developers with
>> each development environment, and see who gets it finished quicker.
>> -- I think after 20yrs...I should be able to make at least in FULL:
>      1. MacWrite 1.0 -- word processing
>      2. MacPaint 1.0 -- bitmap editing
>      3. MacDraw 1.0 -- vector editing
>      4. Excel 1.0 -- number processing

Richard's comment on productivity was intended to focus on tasks 
typically facing professional developers rather than on artificial 
contests. It is indeed important that you can process words, bitmaps, 
vectors and numbers but a contest involving creating new, complete 
applications in each of these fields is hardly relevant to the daily 
needs of most people on this list or of the customers they serve. I can 
see next that this discussion would descend into a feature contest in 
each of the specific areas; again, not what Richard intended. Let's 
drop it.

As for Mr Grogono, a man who on my reading can deny and then admit the 
same thing in a single paragraph, he might recall that a predecessor in 
his company when writing to this list had the courage to sign his 
messages in full rather than restrict the information to his e-mail 

I doubt that either Mr Rivers or Mr Grogono actually achieved anything 
by their writing other than a change of employment for the first 
gentleman. Perhaps Mr Grogono is looking for a job ;-)

> In either RB or RR...so show me which RAD tool is up to the challage! 
> :)
> Andrew

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