icon help

Ben Fisher boinjyboing at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 19 23:46:39 EST 2005

Finally have found a good icon editor for win xp. 

"Frontbase Image to Icon." http://www.make-icon.com/<http://www.make-icon.com/>

It will support and automatically create these formats.
16 Color 16x16
16 color 32x32
16 color 48x48
256 color 16x16
256 color 32x32
256 color 48x48
Windows XP (32-bit color) 16x16
Windows XP (32-bit color) 32x32
Windows XP (32-bit color) 48x48

without having to do anything, the icon will be compatible with rev.

You can download a trial version.
I tried exporting an icon, and then loading it in Revolution standalone settings and it worked! I still don't see why rev has to be so picky about icos, though.


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