Icon help

Ben Fisher boinjyboing at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 19 23:26:54 EST 2005

>I need Icon help!

>I have a program IconCool Editor 4.0 but the icons are not compatible with 
>Rev programs. What icon Editor do I need?

>This is my last step of making my first Rev program. 


I've come across this problem in making windows icons too. In earlier versions of Rev, only 16-color icons were accepted, but now it seems they've gone overboard and 32-bit color icons are *required*! :(

Windows .ico files are built of many parts. These different icons will be displayed based on available colors or size. According to Rev, icon files must have these parts:

16 Color 16x16
16 color 32x32
16 color 48x48
256 color 16x16
256 color 32x32
256 color 48x48
Windows XP (32-bit color) 16x16
Windows XP (32-bit color) 32x32
Windows XP (32-bit color) 48x48

I used to use IconEdit32, which supported all of the formats except for the last three. Now, I guess I'll have to use another program. IconCool Editor 4.4, I know, will support xp icons and I'm surprised it won't work for you.

The Microsoft site
says to use a program called Gif Movie Gear. (?) It's shareware.

"Icon Sushi" supported the right files, but it was very frustrating to use. Axalias will probably work, you can try a trial version. http://www.axialis.com/iconworkshop/<http://www.axialis.com/iconworkshop/>

I too am very frustrated that apparently you cannot create custom icons for a rev app without paying for some other icon software.


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