RunRev vs RealBasic (nothing to do with it really)

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Wed Jan 19 00:37:25 EST 2005


sorry i assumed that Fabio had gone around the world, but maybe he was 
a north america only thing. He was a hunky male model with long blonde 
hair that was all over the place 10 years of so back. sort of a male 
super model and the butt of many jokes. even though our guide was very 
good looking with longer hair, most everything else he could never be 
mistaken for the model fabio...

as mentioned google fabio.

sorry everyone, pushed that one tooo far...

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On Jan 19, 2005, at 12:11 AM, use-revolution-request at 

> Hi Jeff,
>> sorry, just had to add one more to this thread...
>> ...
>> the other joke is this guy had very beautiful long black hair, but is
>> a small chap at about 5'5'' and
>> his name is Fabio, he couldn't understand why we we were laughing at
>> his name...
>> we did send him a Fabio calendar for xmas.
> ehmm, well my name is not Fabio and my hair is DEFINITIVELY shorter,
> but i don't understand this one either :-(
> Could you give me a hint, please? :-)

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