Characters not displaying in a field?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jan 18 16:46:31 EST 2005

kee nethery wrote:
> I'm trying to put 140000 characters into a field, no spaces. The put 
> into field statement has two variables that get concatenated
> put return & variableA & return & bunchOCharacters into field "thefield"
> VariableA shows up in the field but bunchOCharacters does not
> When I copy the contents of the field and paste into a text document, 
> the bunchOCharacters data is in the text document
> What's up? Why does the text, bunchOCharacters, not display in the field?

This is a known limitation:  the text engine can display up to 65,535 
characters on a single line.

What is the end-user looking for in a display of 140000 characters? 
Could there be another way to present that information which would both 
fit in the 64k-per-line limit and give them an easier time finding what 
they need?

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