Table field ... revWriteCellValue

HyperChris at HyperChris at
Tue Jan 18 03:16:09 EST 2005

I am not familiar with the handlers you are using but I update my tables this way ..
  get the data from the field
  make the change to it
  set the table property for that field to it
  ask rev to re-display the table. 

Here is a snipet I use to delete a line ...

on delTableLine pFldNm,pDeleteLineNum
  put fld(pFldNm) into fldData
  delete line pDeleteLineNum of fldData
  set the cREVTable["currentview"] of field(pFldNm) to fldData
  revDisplayFormattedData ("field"&quote&pFldNm&quote)
end delTableLine

... I too found enlightenment from Master Jan!

>From: Jerry Balzano <gjbalzano at>
>Subject: Table field bug/typo in revWriteCellValue

>I was having trouble figuring out how to read and write the contents of 
>table fields, so I checked the archive and found a post by Jan Schenkel 
>from last September where he describes how to use the revReadCellValue
>and revWriteCellValue handlers.

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