Debugger causing problems.

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Jan 17 11:40:32 EST 2005

MisterX wrote:

>how do make your backup copies?
>I'll some votes for your bug! ;)
In real life, I use revAltArchive
In this particular case, because I knew it was going to be "destructive" 
editing, hacking away big chunks of it until the stack worked. I simply 
made a file copy before I started, then after each set of "delete"s.

When I came to submit the bugzilla entry, I was unsure whether to make 
one combined report or two separate ones. I'm sure it's a single 
underlying cause - but it has two very different symptoms. In the end, I 
decided on a single bug report - which meant I had to use the relatively 
complete version of the stack, rather than the one with most of the 
controls and scripts removed.

I also tried removing the breakpoint - that stack now becomes my current 
working version - and adding the breakpoint again, to verify that this 
would also crash. That lends credence that it is a problem with the 
breakpoint, not anything else that happened to be associated with it. So 
from my working version, I can readily re-create the failure.

-- Alex.

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