[ANN] GetInLine, Now More In Line

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Sat Jan 15 12:45:17 EST 2005

Recently, Wilhelm Sanke wrote:

>>>> One cosmetic issue I can't figure out: when doing a screencapture here
>>>> on
>>>> WinXP, the desktop icons flash as if the desktop is being redrawn.
>>>> Any way
>>>> to avoid this phenomenon?

> I have got a stack here ("Multiple Choice Tutorial"; see my website)
> that uses integrated "transparent" answer and ask dialogs, where the
> transparency is produced by taking a snapshot of the rect beneath the
> dialog, which is then masked by a translucent overlay image to achieve
> the effect of semi-transparency of the dialogs.
> No flashing occurs on WindowsXP with the latest Rev engine of Nov 19th,
> and none with earlier versions
> I compared the scriptlines responsible for taking the snapshots in
> "GetInLine" and "Multiple Choice Tutorial" and found no relevant
> differences.
> The one difference of the "Multiple Choice" stack is that I set the
> backdrop. If I remove the backdrop, then I get a flashing, but only at
> the bottom line of the screen.
> The same holds (of course) for your stack. With the backdrop set to any
> color there is no visible flashing.

Well, it makes sense that obscuring the desktop will prevent any desktop
flashing from being visible, but I would expect the problem is still
occurring, in the background, so to speak.

There isn't anything special going on with my script.  Running a simple
"import snapshot" routine in an empty stack produces the flashing results
here on my XP system, so if Chipp and maybe others aren't seeing this then
perhaps it is indeed an engine issue that was updated in the most recent


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