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> Thanks to James for the advice to try to use the "launch" command rather than
> the "open file" command to open a file in the same folder as the Revolution
> application.   The launch command does work on opening an application but only
> after the Revolution program has been built as a standalone.   Am I correct in
> that   one needs to first build a standalone for the launch command to work?

No, 'launch' works in both the IDE and in a standalone... the difference is
based on the path you pass. If you pass a complete path to the executable,
there's no problem in either environments; but if you pass a *relative*
path, the path is relative to the current setting for the 'defaultFolder'
property, which by default is the location of the application that is
currently running the Rev engine. In your standalone, it's the folder that
contains your standalone... in the IDE, it's the folder that contains the
Revolution application.

>  Also, when should the "open file " command be used as opposed to the launch
> command?   Thanks.

Never. :-)

That's because they do different things - launch will execute programs,
whereas 'open file' just opens a file to read or write data to it.


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