open file versus launch commands

James Cass cassj at
Sun Jan 16 17:57:56 EST 2005

Stephen -

"launch" should work within the IDE without having to build the 
standalone.  You can put the following code in a button as a test.  It 
even works in a multiline message box, using just the 5 lines of code 
within the mouseup handler.

on mouseUp
   answer file "Choose a text file to open..."
   put it into targetFile
   answer file "Choose your Text editor application..."
   put it into textEditorApp
   launch targetFile with textEditorApp
end mouseUp


On Jan 16, 2005, at 3:23 PM, Stgoldberg at wrote:

> Thanks to James for the advice to try to use the "launch" command 
> rather than
> the "open file" command to open a file in the same folder as the 
> Revolution
> application.   The launch command does work on opening an application 
> but only
> after the Revolution program has been built as a standalone.   Am I 
> correct in
> that   one needs to first build a standalone for the launch command to 
> work?
>  Also, when should the "open file " command be used as opposed to the 
> launch
> command?   Thanks.
> Steve Goldberg
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