Trouble with graphics display in OS X

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>Recently, James Hurley wrote:
>>  I need to know whether my problem with OS X
>>  lies in my computer graphics card or with RR.
>One other question James: are the OS9 and OSX systems you're comparing
>running on the same box or different boxes?  Because another issue you *may*
>be running into *might* have to do with the capability of the graphics
>card/s (yet another variable in the problem).
>Regardless, it still may be possible to script a solution around your
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Same machine.

I have a scripted solution for OS X. But it is not very good. You can 
see this best in Turtle Graphics applied to controls:

In the message box: go url 

Just click the  button "Fixed/Not fixed for OS X"

The issues are related to the screen refresh in situations in which 
there is an evolving graphic, a display generated in a repeat loop, 
or mouseMove. One can force a refresh with "Wait 0 millisec" or 
"Unlock screen."

Without the forced refresh, things are displayed very quickly but 
only intermittently.

With the forced refresh things are displayed smoothly but much more 
slowly than in OS 9 or Windows.

I would hope there would be a compromise. But maybe not. It may be an 
inherent problem with the greater demands that OS X places on 
graphics display--as Richard pointed out.


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