RunRev vs RealBasic (Richard Gaskin)

MisterX b.xavier at
Sun Jan 16 03:36:37 EST 2005

>  > - I sometimes have the impression that Revolution as a company
>  > doesn't really exist. They are hardly ever seen in this list,
>  > it's hard to get responses from them. I think that one of the
>  > secrets of the success for RB was (and is) their presence and
>  > visibility in the developer community.
> Agreed 200% -- timely contact with a vendor is critical, as 
> is a regular 
> and ongoing vendor presence on their list.
> Those were both so important I wanted to make sure they were included 
> here, and have cc'd Kevin to make sure he doesn't miss it.

But how many times do we have to come back this subject or tell Kevin this
(I've told him more than a dozen times at least! And I know others have

Just to hear another client request it again later... 

Ah, I know! No one put in a bugzilla request! LOL

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