Trouble with graphics display in OS X

James Hurley jhurley at
Sat Jan 15 17:14:44 EST 2005

>James Hurley wrote:
>  > In OS 9, I get a blur of numbers displayed in the field--this is fine
>  > and what I would expect.
>  >
>  > In OS X I get a discrete sequence of 4 numbers displayed. This is the
>  > same kind of herky-jerky behavior I found with graphics display in OS
>  > X (but not in OS 9.)
>  >
>  > (As before, the problem is resolved by adding a line in the repeat
>  > loop: wait 0 millisec, or unlock screen. But it runs much more
>  > slowly.)
>Richard Gaskin wrote:
>Welcome the to the Quartz rendering engine.
>Many apps, including the Finder, have update delays.   These do not
>occur with the Classic or XP versions of the engine.
>There may be additional things RunRev could do to force redraw updates,
>but I'm not sure if under the hood it would do much more than "wait 0
>with messages" -- forcing a redraw with Quartz' 16-layer compositing
>will always slow things down.  Sure, you may not actually need 16-layer
>compositing, but gosh isn't it pretty?  After all, it it's too slow
>Apple has an answer:  buy a faster dual-processor machine. ;)

Richard et. al.,

Thanks Richard. This is what I needed to know. It's not often that 
the problem is not at my end.

I think I'll ask RunRev to see if they can do something.

I'm not concerned about the refresh in fields. That's not something I 
need. (I put it to the list only as a very simple example of the 
refresh problem.) But there is a real problem with the graphics 

I was trying to update the web site ( for my book on 
which I have OS 9 and Windows applications which illustrate a few 
issue discussed in the book. I wanted to include an OS X standalone. 
One example that illustrates how the responsiveness of RR has 
deteriorated in OS X can be seen from the application demonstrating 
the nature of temperature.

In the message box: go url 

In OS 9, as one moves the small red and blue buttons on the energy 
axis, the motions is smooth and the mouse stays with the buttons. In 
OS X the responsive is sluggish and the buttons quickly lag behind 
the mouse. I will have to see if I can't improve the code.

I am running  a G4 PB; I can't imagine what this looks like on slower machines.

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