The Layer command

william griffin bill at
Sat Jan 15 16:58:38 EST 2005

Whats the story with this layer command?
I have tabs in a group that look like this

__________   __________    __________
|__________\ |__________\ |__________\

With a slight bit overlap and I want the selected tab
to appear topmost. But the command is not working.

on mouseUp
   put "imagestab,modelstab,scriptstab" into theTabs
   repeat for each item x in theTabs
     set the hilite of button x to false
     if the short name of the mousecontrol is x then set the layer of 
button x to top
   end repeat
   set the hilite of me to true
end mouseUp

This doesn't work, it also doesn't work to set the layer of the button 
to a number,
it doesn't work with the documentation example:

set the layer of the mousecontrol to top

errors on everything I try

Thanks in advance.

Mr Bill

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