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On Jan 15, 2005, at 12:19 PM, Alex Tweedly wrote:

> Paul Salyers wrote:
>> I need the code to show a pics from start up. Here  is the VB code I 
>> want to run in Rev.
>> Private Sub Form_Load()                         'When the form loads 
>> the following command kick into action
>>     file = "Foto2Load.jpg"                      'Graphic I want to 
>> load in the form (Path to file)
>>     Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(file)          'Image property to 
>> load the graphics
>> End Sub
> I may be misinterpreting the VB part of it, but something like .....

Looks about right, though it's been some time since I've worked with 
VB... and I never was all that proficient in it.

To the original author:  Instead of this, you might consider importing 
the image onto the stack itself, so that you don't need to transport 
the extra file around when distributing your stack, and to prevent the 
need to load it separately later on.  If you only want it to show up at 
certain times, you could mark it as hidden, then show it when loading:

on preOpenStack
   show image "Foto2Load"
end preOpenStack

When you are done with it:

on somethingOrAnother
   hide image "Foto2Load"
end somethingOrAnother

To load it originally, look at "Import As Control" -> "Image File" in 
Rev's File menu.

> on openCard
>   set the fileName of image "Image1" to "Foto2Load.jpg"
> end openCard
> Note this simply makes a reference to the jpg, rather than loading it 
> into the stack - but I think that's what you want.
>> Also I like to be able to click in a graphics to execute a program. 
>> But the above question is most important.
> on mouseUp
>  shell("theprogram")
> end mouseUp
> as a handler for the image.
>> Oh, One more question. Would anyone be interested in a RenRev chat 
>> room that can be accessed with a win chat program or web site 
>> accessible?  This chat room can have a search function for RunRev 
>> help if wanted.
> The Rev chat program and weekly session should satisfy that (but since 
> I don't use it, I'll leave it to others to remind us where to get it  
> / when / etc.)
> -- Alex.
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