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Sat Jan 15 15:50:37 EST 2005

Double Helix was a really nice tool. I used it a good bit as well. I 
think one of the reasons it worked better than lots of other graphical 
languages was its focus on database solutions.


On Jan 15, 2005, at 11:12 AM, Hannu Kokko wrote:

> Hi
> I used to develop relational datab ase applications apps for company
> internal use with something called Double Helix in the 80's. It was
> completely iconic stuff, you only wrote the names of the things, 
> everything
> else was an icon. Stuff worked, could be quite complex. Maintenance 
> was a
> bit of a headache. The tool seems still to be around and they are 
> slowly
> being ported to Mac OS X, couple of years ago I tried the apps in a 
> then
> current generation of Macs and the apps appeared quite speedy (in the 
> 80's
> you could not call them really speedy).
> --h
> On 15.1.2005 19:00, "Mark Talluto" <userev at> wrote:
>> On Jan 15, 2005, at 7:24 AM, James Richards wrote:
>>> There is a very real sense in which words can be viewed as icons, but
>>> complex icons which have certain possibilities of interrelationship
>>> built into them.  This is probably hard to simulate in iconic
>>> programming
>> I did a prototype of a commercial app (kiosk) on an Amiga with an
>> iconic language developed by Commodore.  For the life of me, I can not
>> remember its name.  Maybe someone out there used Amigas as well.  It 
>> is
>> very cool, but it too had its limitations.
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