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Alex Tweedly alex at
Sat Jan 15 12:19:12 EST 2005

Paul Salyers wrote:

> I need the code to show a pics from start up. Here  is the VB code I 
> want to run in Rev.
> Private Sub Form_Load()                         'When the form loads 
> the following command kick into action
>     file = "Foto2Load.jpg"                      'Graphic I want to 
> load in the form (Path to file)
>     Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(file)          'Image property to 
> load the graphics
> End Sub
I may be misinterpreting the VB part of it, but something like .....

on openCard
   set the fileName of image "Image1" to "Foto2Load.jpg"
end openCard

Note this simply makes a reference to the jpg, rather than loading it 
into the stack - but I think that's what you want.

> Also I like to be able to click in a graphics to execute a program. 
> But the above question is most important.

on mouseUp
end mouseUp
as a handler for the image.

> Oh, One more question. Would anyone be interested in a RenRev chat 
> room that can be accessed with a win chat program or web site 
> accessible?  This chat room can have a search function for RunRev help 
> if wanted.

The Rev chat program and weekly session should satisfy that (but since I 
don't use it, I'll leave it to others to remind us where to get it  / 
when / etc.) 

-- Alex.

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