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Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Fri Jan 14 16:33:19 EST 2005

Hi Bassam,

> Hi bassamnaji,
>> Hi all,
>>             How can I make a pdf thumbnail of my pdf documents, or 
>> just
>> convert say 1st page of the pdf doc to a jpeg picture, and use it to 
>> link?
> you could use Trevors EXCELLENT (i can't repeat it enough!) QuickTime 
> external:
> http://www.mangomultimedia.com/developer/revolution/
> which lets you create thumbnails of any QT compatible file
> on the fly...
> Only drawback: QuickTime needs to be installed on the target computer,
> obviously :-)
>> Best Regards
>> Bassam

sorry, in my euphoric ;-) mail i forgot tot mention that this will only 
work on
Mac OS X, since QuickTime does not support PDFs on windows.

But works EXTREMELY wonderful on OS X :-)


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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