[ANN] GetInLine, Now More In Line

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Fri Jan 14 12:25:10 EST 2005

Recently, Sarah Reichelt wrote:

>> An update to the previous GetInLine stack has been posted.  For those
>> who
>> missed it, this is an attempt at a more intuitive method for
>> drag-and-drop
>> repositioning of lines within list fields.
> I find it much more intuitive now that the dragged line disappears from
> the list while I'm dragging it.

I'm still wondering whether this is the right way to go.   When
dragging/dropping text in word processing apps, the dragged text doesn't
disappear -- it changes position when the mouse is released.  When
reordering a layers in a graphics package (Adobe/Macromedia) the original
dragged layer stays where it is until the mouse is released.  iTunes follows
suit  as well -- keep the original until the mouse is released.  Perhaps the
type of application dictates how this should be handled but so far I haven't
seen any examples of removing the clicked line from the field.  Any examples
out there that remove the clicked line when reordering?

> The only other thing I would like is
> the ability to cancel a drag somehow - perhaps if you move the mouse
> pointer outside the field.

Yes, that should be next.

Recently, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:

> Any chance there could be an option, as per the request quoted below,
> to cancel the drag -- but at the same time, support drag-and-drop (so
> that if the dragged item is plopped on a compatible target, it can be
> moved/copied there)?

It should be quite doable, but the copying part will be up to you as the
developer. :-)  I can make the clicked line a property or variable that you
can pass to whatever object you have.

Thanks & Regards,

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