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Fri Jan 14 15:35:52 EST 2005

Hi Sandy,

> Of course, this means that EVERY time the summary page is 
> opened, there is a new set appended to the old-- this can add 
> up if you thrash around in the stack a while!
> One solution might be to only do the update if the answers on 
> the Q&A cards have changed.
> How would this be done?

welcome to the real scripting world ;) !

for more than one reason, I would either 

- put these in a text or xml or whatever ml file (easy to append and read)
put them into a stack (even easier)
or add them to a database (infinite power and glory - but not as ez or fast
(although depends how much time you want to spend on it))

If you build an application, you can't modify it once compiled so you need
an external file. The above "containers" are all modifiable in one way or
blocked another which the compiled application. It also allows easy carry
over of application preferences or user data across application upgrades or
PC transfers.

Xavier - not just a load of stacks!

> Thanks!
> Sandy
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