Seeking elegance-1

SB aj445 at
Fri Jan 14 15:06:40 EST 2005

Hi all,

OK, I've got a stack working, now I want to make it less klunky.

Right now, the user answers questions in a series of Question & Answer 
cards, and when they go to the Summary card, all the questions and 
responses are listed in one scrolling text field.

It is automatic-- every time the Summary card is opened, there is a new 
summary added on top of the old one, and all are saved.

the script--

on openCard
   pass openCard
end opencard

on Summarize
   repeat with i = 1 to the number of cds of bg "Q&A"
     put (bg fld "Question" of cd i of bg "Q&A") & return after 
         put (bg fld "Response" of cd i of bg "Q&A") & return & return 
after theSummary
   end repeat
   put the long date & return & theSummary before cd fld "Destination" 
of cd "List"
end Summarize

Of course, this means that EVERY time the summary page is opened, there 
is a new set appended to the old-- this can add up if you thrash around 
in the stack a while!

One solution might be to only do the update if the answers on the Q&A 
cards have changed.

How would this be done?



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