Change in default colors in v2.5?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jan 14 14:21:22 EST 2005

In WebMerge's startup code I set the backgroundPattern of the mainstack 
to the ID of an image of the OS X striped pattern, and in Windows I set 
the backgroundPattern to empty and also set the colors to empty, so that 
the colors used should be those from the OS.

This has worked well for years, but using the v2.5 engine I'm now 
getting reports from some users of unusual appearance.  In XP everything 
works as expected, but in pre-XP systems (2K, 98) I'm getting reports 
that the window is mostly black.

Have the default color values invoked when you clear the colors of a 
stack changed between v2.2 and v2.5?

What's the current method for reliably getting native colors to be used 
across all Win systems?

Thanks in advance -

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Media Corporation
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