help assemble documents quick

bassamnaji bassamnaji at
Fri Jan 14 07:23:05 EST 2005

Hi All,

When I get an order for the product with say multiple options, I have to
assemble a document with all the brochures, drawings, pictures (already
fixed pdf files), also, have to do a table of content, page numbering, name all  manually using acrobat full version, by inserting
each document individually, then printing it, FEDx it, the problem is each
assembled document is different from the other. Well, the company got
bigger, but with less income, and due to budgeting they got red of few
people, now I am stuck with doing it all, so I want to make it easy on
myself, to quickly assemble those documents, and eventually, will have our
customers do it all via our web site, and eventually will make it dynamic

So imagine my future, web site have the links to all main pdf documents, and
all options pdf documents, currently, I will have to go to each pdf,
download (save) to my harddrive, then open acrobat, and insert all copies,
one at a time, time consuming.

Adobe have drag and drop, still I have to deal with each, or multiple.

Add to basket might be good, if I can insert a document to it, and make each
document different..
Album is ok for jpg, is there one for HTML, or pdf

I know, the table of content, page numbering, section tabs..are hard, but it
does not hurt to ask. Also, I am welling to convert them to HTML, if pdf is
not flexible, or even forms..

Anyone welling to send me a demo of the above, I will give them a kiss, and
possible deal worked out, not too much$$..

Thanks all..

Best Regards


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