Getting Rev control back after shell()

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Thu Jan 13 14:47:32 EST 2005

RGould8 at wrote:

>In a message dated 1/12/05 11:19:29 AM, fde101 at writes:
>>That works fine in Terminal, but Rev still waits for the command to
>>finish.  Quite stupid, really.
>>Under Windows, there is a "start" command that can be jury-rigged to do
>>this.  Not sure how to handle it under OS X/*nix (believe me, I've been
>>trying to figure that one out too).
>>Hmmmm, there's just got to be a way around this - - - - how about some sort 
>>of unix "start this command 2 seconds from now" type of call, where you'd get 
>>the control back in Rev immediately.   Is there such a thing?
It's probably doable with something like
   create a shell file  (
   put into it the command you want to run   (i.e. mycommand &    - note 
the & to make this a background task)
   execute shell(

Sorry - been too many years since I last did it, and I don't have a Unix 
system to play on - but I have a couple of brain cells left that 
remember doing some variant of this

-- Alex..

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