MIDI volume control

FlexibleLearning at aol.com FlexibleLearning at aol.com
Thu Jan 13 04:02:07 EST 2005

>> playLoudness manages relative audioClip  volume, but has anyone figured 
>> out  a generic shell command to  set the volume for MIDI playback 
>> (SW Synth in  the 'volume  control' control panel) or is the command
>>  device-dependent?
>> Purpose:
>> To superimpose  wav speech over midi music and control relative  
>>  volumes.

Kurt replied:
> Perhaps you are not using Quicktime?   Otherwise it would be easy to, as 
> you say, manage the relative [player]  volume.  Also, I take it you have 
> existing MIDI sequences which  you would like to use, and are not 
> creating your own sequences for this  project, since MIDI note-event 
> volumes can range from 0-127.

Hi  Kurt,  

Apologies... I said 'shell command' but I meant 'mciSendString'.
Background reading seems to indicate that 'volume' is not a 'required'  
command, but if the 'volume control panel' can do it, and if Windows MediaPlayer  
can do it (it resets midi volume back to 100%), I assume access to MIDI volume  
control is indeed possible.
'put mciSendString("setAudio volume 75") into returnValue'
What's the correct 'mciSendString' command syntax?

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