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Yes, but it is disabled under Mac OS X by default, due to "power 
management concerns," supposedly.  Under other *NIX platforms, you 
could do something like this:

echo "my-command" | at now+1 minute

to schedule a job to take place in 1 minute (unfortunately, seconds 
does not seem to work, so 1 minute is the minimal time to wait before 
it starts).

This will schedule the job under OS X, but the daemon (system service) 
which checks the schedule and starts the jobs is not running by 
default.  If you had system admin privileges for sure, you might be 
able to start it manually, or there might be a way to enable it, but if 
programming for others (or using power management), it may not be the 
best idea to do so.

On Jan 13, 2005, at 1:54 PM, RGould8 at wrote:

> In a message dated 1/12/05 11:19:29 AM, fde101 at writes:
>> That works fine in Terminal, but Rev still waits for the command to
>> finish.  Quite stupid, really.
>> Under Windows, there is a "start" command that can be jury-rigged to 
>> do
>> this.  Not sure how to handle it under OS X/*nix (believe me, I've 
>> been
>> trying to figure that one out too).
> Hmmmm, there's just got to be a way around this - - - - how about some 
> sort
> of unix "start this command 2 seconds from now" type of call, where 
> you'd get
> the control back in Rev immediately.   Is there such a thing?
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