Where is Jan Schenkel?

Alan Gayne alanira9 at mac.com
Wed Jan 12 19:54:08 EST 2005

Maybe this is a question, there answer to which  is already known by 
everybody else on the list.

Does anyone have information as to the whereabouts of Jan Schenkel?

Last time I heard anything back in November, he was was in Malta 
demonstrating Quartam Reports, with the prospect that a "beta" release 
of this would be forthcoming in a week or two.

Since then, I've been following the list almost every day, and not only 
have I seen nothing further on Quartam, but Jan's usually prolific 
contributions to the list also seem to be absent.

Perhaps Jan has secluded himself to finish work on Quartam.  Or perhaps 
he is taking a long well deserved holiday.  It's even possible that Jan 
posted a brief notice on the list to that effect which I missed.

If either is the case, then I apologize in advance for what may be seen 
as an invasion of privacy.

I'm just a bit concerned that some misfortune has befallen someone whom 
I have never met, but who has always seemed to be one of the most 
friendly and helpful voices on this list.

So if anyone knows something which they feel comfortable in sharing, I 
would appreciate a "heads up".

Happy and healthy new year to all.
Alan Gayne

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