OT: need real Apple Service email address

Bill bill at bluewatermaritime.com
Wed Jan 12 16:09:19 EST 2005

I have had good look with the emails from individual Apple sales reps or
wizards in the stores. They answer right away and they have access to Apple
(that we don't -- should but don't). It works fairly good but you have to go
to a store where there is an Apple rep first to get an email.

On 1/12/05 4:58 PM, "Wilhelm Sanke" <sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de> wrote:

> This is a post to sum up and end this OT-thread.
> Thanks for the two on-list responses to my post and a few more I
> received off-list.
> Apparently they are no service email-addresses available, apart from the
> dead-end addresses with automated answers and the only live one that
> continues to direct me to the dead-ends. And I assume that all the
> seasoned Apple users of this list
> seem to take it for granted that Apple produces fine products, but
> offers lousy service.
> For those who recommended other international phone numbers:
> I had explained in my last post why I am not willing to make
> international calls on the basis of my earlier experience, and because
> all I need is just an email with a Quicktime key for which I already
> paid for.
> It seems that service for consumers constitutes the dark side of the
> Apple. Either this disastrous type of service is caused by internal
> dis-organisation and incompetence or it might be intentional, which
> would be even worse. I reserve a few comments I would like to make.-
> This is the text of my last post I sent to Apple Store (U.S.) today:
>> Dear Apple Store Team,
>> my order W76150797 was made from Apple Store (U.S.). The data I again
>> attached - see far below - were taken from "My Account" of Apple U.S.
>> The data were available on your Apple Store site until last Sunday,
>> Jan 9th, and somebody  - probably you - has now deleted all traces
>> concerning my order, and the information I now get from "My Account"
>> page is "You don't have any saved carts or order history".
>> Very funny , isn't it?  You delete my data, and then say you cannot
>> find it??
>> The contact address you include in your post below
>> (<http://promo.euro.apple.com/promo/help/de/consumer/> unfortunately
>> leads into nowhere. All I get eventually is an Irish and British phone
>> number. I have explained below why I am not willing to use such a
>> service by phone.
>> All I need is an email containing my paid-for Quicktime Pro license code.
>> Where is the problem? Why can't you issue a key to me?? The whole
>> thing borders on a grotesque.
>> Please, make an intelligent, competent, and user-friendly move and
>> send me this key!
>> Desperate regards,
> So far...
> Wilhelm Sanke
> <www.sanke.org/MetaMedia>
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