OT: need real Apple Service email address

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Wed Jan 12 15:58:16 EST 2005

This is a post to sum up and end this OT-thread.
Thanks for the two on-list responses to my post and a few more I 
received off-list.

Apparently they are no service email-addresses available, apart from the 
dead-end addresses with automated answers and the only live one that 
continues to direct me to the dead-ends. And I assume that all the 
seasoned Apple users of this list
seem to take it for granted that Apple produces fine products, but 
offers lousy service.

For those who recommended other international phone numbers:
I had explained in my last post why I am not willing to make 
international calls on the basis of my earlier experience, and because 
all I need is just an email with a Quicktime key for which I already 
paid for.

It seems that service for consumers constitutes the dark side of the 
Apple. Either this disastrous type of service is caused by internal 
dis-organisation and incompetence or it might be intentional, which 
would be even worse. I reserve a few comments I would like to make.-

This is the text of my last post I sent to Apple Store (U.S.) today:

> Dear Apple Store Team,
> my order W76150797 was made from Apple Store (U.S.). The data I again 
> attached - see far below - were taken from "My Account" of Apple U.S.  
> The data were available on your Apple Store site until last Sunday, 
> Jan 9th, and somebody  - probably you - has now deleted all traces 
> concerning my order, and the information I now get from "My Account" 
> page is "You don't have any saved carts or order history".
> Very funny , isn't it?  You delete my data, and then say you cannot 
> find it??
> The contact address you include in your post below 
> (<http://promo.euro.apple.com/promo/help/de/consumer/> unfortunately 
> leads into nowhere. All I get eventually is an Irish and British phone 
> number. I have explained below why I am not willing to use such a 
> service by phone.
> All I need is an email containing my paid-for Quicktime Pro license code.
> Where is the problem? Why can't you issue a key to me?? The whole 
> thing borders on a grotesque.
> Please, make an intelligent, competent, and user-friendly move and 
> send me this key!
> Desperate regards, 

So far...

Wilhelm Sanke

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