Placing different Images into same Image background object

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Wed Jan 12 15:47:34 EST 2005

On 1/12/05 1:31 PM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> Grouped-background Text fields, by default have a their "sharedText" 
> property off. Without knowing the insid" of it, on the surface we have a 
> single object with a single ID in a stack serving as a container for 
> multiple data.
> Can we make an single image perform similarly? I haven't found a way,  
> so I guess this is a feature request... is this on anyone else's wish list?
> : a single image object in a background such that on new-cloned cards 
> with the same placed background, that one image object could display  a 
> different externally referenced image- or be a container for imported 
> pixel data.
> Using the field model, what is wanted is a single image object, one ID 
> only in the stack, whose "sharedBinaryPixelData," when part of a 
> background, is off.

No sweat. Just store the file path of the image you want on each card, 
perhaps as a custom card property which I will call "uImgName". Create 
an image object, group it, and place the group on all the cards. Then:

on preOpenCard
  set the filename of img "myBgImg" to the uImgName of me
end preOpenCard

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