[ANN] Porter stemmer code on RevOnline

Meitnik at aol.com Meitnik at aol.com
Wed Jan 12 10:49:52 EST 2005


     I have posted to revonline the first cut of a port of Martin Porter's 
stemming code, ported by Ken Ray, requested by Meit. This algorithm is a key 
tool for doing indexs and various special text parsing. Once you guys look it 
over and make suggestions it will be posted to Porter's site as another port of 
his famous algorithm.
     Its a big download. And sorry for the dups. Revonline was barfing 
yesterday and confused me about if it was fully and finally uploaded. 
     During the year more text tools will be uploaded to revonline.

Enjoy. And thanks to Ken!

Andrew Meit

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