Finding bugs for RunRev [was Re: crash recipe for htmlText?]

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Jan 12 05:55:34 EST 2005

Hi Frank,

> ...
> There are long threads on this list about problems with things like 
> htmlText, or cross-platform font issues that are obviously affecting 
> everyone, and I keep expecting someone at RunRev to step in and say 
> "hey, we hear you on the htmlText issue, we'll deal with it, thanks", 
> or "hey, we hear you on the cross-platform font issue, we're working 
> on it".  Even "forget the cross-platform font issue, we don't think 
> it's important enough to fix" would be useful feedback.

That's very true!

> But the current lack of direct feedback from RunRev is, to say the 
> least, disheartening.

The real problem is, and that has been the cause of many rants 
(including mine ;-) in the last years,
it is not "...the current lack of direct feedback..." it is "...the 
PERMANENT lack of direct feedback..."!

Sad but true...

> Regards,
> -- Frank
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