[ANN] Get In Line - List Reordering Demo

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Tue Jan 11 08:58:44 EST 2005

Hi Scott,

> Greetings List:
> It's been a fair number of eons since I last posted a demo, so here 
> goes...

OK, some member of this list are a bit old, but not THAT old!!! :-D

> Recently I was looking for an alternate way of reordering a list field 
> using
> a translucent drag-and-drop effect, similar to the Layers palette in 
> Adobe
> products.  "Get In Line" is the result of my experiments.  During the 
> drag,
> a translucent representation of the source text is dynamically created 
> and
> used along with an indicator to show where the text can be dropped.
> Currently the demo only handles individual lines but with some tweaking
> could probably accommodate multiple lines.  For folks looking to manage
> lists, try this out to see if it works for you (only tested on Mac OS 
> so far
> -- Windows tests are appreciated).

Just wonderful!

Works very nice, but on win (XP) the text of the line is not part of 
the snapshot???
Very strange, i think... A snapshot is a snapshot, right?

Everything else is working as good as on a mac :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this one!

> To get the stack, run our stack player.  Enter in your message box:
>   go url "http://www.tactilemedia.com/tmpanel.rev"
> Scroll down to GetInLine and click to run.
> Or go to the Download page:
>   http://www.tactilemedia.com/download/
> See the script of the scrolling field for details.  Feel free to 
> report any
> problems for fixing.
> Hope some folks find this useful.

You bet! ;-)

> Regards,
> Scott Rossi
> Creative Director
> Tactile Media, Development & Design
> -----
> E: scott at tactilemedia.com
> W: http://www.tactilemedia.com


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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