Converting hex character references

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jan 10 14:14:30 EST 2005

Converting ISO-8959-1 character references to displayable text is a snap:

If field 1 contains this:

       Don’t give up & call it quits.

...I can get the plain text like this:

      set the htmlText of fld 2 to the text of fld 1
      get the text of fld 2

But what do I do when the data I'm working with contains hex character 

      Don’t give up & call it quits.

I have a bunch of XML files that are UTF-8 encoded and chock full o' hex 
character references like that, and doing a replace on each or hunting 
them down to do a baseConvert would be inefficient.

I'd like to think some combination of Unicode functions/properties would 
do the trick, but alas I'm too braindead to come up with the winning 


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