menuHistory and menuPick

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Jan 10 18:20:03 EST 2005

Hi Chris,

I, too have noted this problem at times with some preOpenStack handlers 
unable to be processed.

Usually when this happens, I'll do something like:

send doMenuHistory to this stack in 30 milliseconds

on doMenuHistory
    set the menuHistory of btn "Level" to tLineNum
end do MenuHistory

I'm sure you thought of this, but just thougth I'd mention it anyway.


Chris Sheffield wrote:
> I have an option button for which I am setting the menuHistory like:
>    set the menuHistory of btn "Level" to tLineNum
> And then there's a menuPick handler in the button's script that performs
> additional tasks.  But the menuPick handler doesn't always fire.  Does
> anyone know of any reason why setting the menuHistory of a button would not
> cause a menuPick message to be sent as well?  The above script is called
> during preOpenCard, and, like I said, the menuPick handler is in the script
> of the button.  It seems that the only time it fails is when I very first
> come into the card.  If I do a "send preOpenCard" after that, menuPick is
> sent normally.  Any ideas?

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