OT: need real Apple Service email address

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Mon Jan 10 16:40:37 EST 2005

Can anyone of the many list members that are Apple experts provide me 
with an Apple Service email address where I do not get *automated* 
responses, but real answers from real people?
The problem is, I bought a Quicktime Pro 6 license key on Dec 17 from 
the online Apple Store (U.S.A. website), got charged from my credit card 
account (the equivalent of 52 US$) the very same day, and didn't get the 
key .

If you have got an address, send it to me, and you can stop reading 
here, otherwise here is the story how Apple entices people to become 
Windows users:

When after my online purchase on Dec 17 there was no response, I thought 
the matter was lost somewhere in cyberspace. However the monthly list of 
account movements from my credit-card company , which I received last 
week, showed my account had been indeed charged on Dec 17, too.

I then looked at "My Account" on the U.S. Apple website, and the order 
was listed there - Order Number W76150797 - only it said "complete"! 
Happily there was a button "Order Details" that led to another page 
which contained a submit form for inquiries about the order. O.K., I 
told them that I still had not received the key, and pressed "submit".

Two days later they answered and told me that they would not be 
responsible for my transaction as I lived in Europe. They provided me 
with a web address.

I followed the link and finally found a duplicate of  "My Account" 
connected to some European Apple website. The information of the account 
order was indeed the same as on the U.S. Apple website, it also showed 
"complete", but unfortunately there was no submit-form for inquiries 
about the order.
I searched for a support address in the vicinity of the account page and 
found one hidden somewhere among the fine print at the bottom of a page.

 From that email-link (<uk.consumer at euro.apple.com>) I immediately 
received an *automated* answer that informed me that they were sorry not 
to be able to offer email support, but that I could choose between an 
Irish or British phone number for inquiries about orders .

At that moment I experienced a "déjà vu" feeling:  About three years ago 
I had been in a similar situation. To settle a matter with Apple I had 
been forced to make about six different international phone calls during 
the course of a week to the British address, being in a waiting loop 
most of the time and being finally connected to very much incompetent 
Apple employees (this is what comes to my mind). The international calls 
cost me additional 30 US$ and much time for a  problem generated by Apple.

Therefore I decided *not* to make phone calls again and  go through this 
ordeal once more and waste my time and  money for problems Apple is 
responsible for - and not me.

I phoned my local Apple store; they told me they were unable to 
recommend an mail address, but had to contact the Irish or British phone 
numbers themselves in matters of  urgency.-

As a last resort I wrote to the support address in the U.S. again 
(<applestoreinfo at apple.com>), which I had contacted first with the 
submit-form and who had directed me to Europe , at least they were the 
only one with a personal answer. This was Thursday last week; no 
response so far as of today (still Monday here).

But guess what happened!  The order information of "My Account" on the 
U.S. Apple website was deleted yesterday!

This is the present state of the matter.

Has anybody of you Steve Job's email address?

Any other  ideas how to improve and promote Apple and Apple products??


--Wilhelm Sanke

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