James Steiner gregortroll at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 10:54:22 EST 2005

> How and where is it possible to extract the icon or the family of icon of a
> file or an application, this on Mac (I presmue with ressource) and Window (I
> do'nt have an idea).
> Then how it is possible to size the icon to a definite size (suitable for my
> application)?

On windows, I use the venerable "iconJack" published by PC Magazine.
It can extract icons from .exe, .dll, .icl, and other icon-containing
file types.

It, however, extracts and saves icons in the older, pre-xp icon
format, which sometimes causes me troubles..

I also like PC Mags free IconEdit32 Icon editor. It allows pasting
from other sources, and all the usual drawing tools, Including setting
the transparancy and XOR bits in windows icons.

(A windows icon can contain several images, the icon in different
sizes and color depths.: binary, 16-color, 256-color,  and 16x16 32x32
and 48x48)

It's also sometimes just as well to screen-capture (print-screen,
unless you use a thrid-party screen-cap app), the icon, import into
mspaint or IconEdit32 whatever, and save the image or icon.

For screen-capture, I sometimes use AnalogX "Capture", or PC Mags "ScreenSeize"

To resize, you need a decent image tweaker / converter (or the time
and talent to redraw the image yourself). I highly recommend (windows)
XnView, a freeware media organizer / converter / touchup tool.

Hope this helps,


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