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Mon Jan 10 09:40:01 EST 2005

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>Subject: Set icon of button to a graphic
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>I want to show if an object is either too hot, too cold, or within
>normal temperature range? I was thinking that a simple circle filled
>with green, blue, or red with the temperature next or under it would be
>an easy way to tell at a glance if things are normal. I was thinking
>that if I create a button with the icon set to one of the 3 images and
>setting the label of the button to the temperature would do the trick.
>I would simply set the icon of the button to one of the three "colors".
>I created a 3 small circle graphics (one with each color) but I can't
>seem to select those for the button icon as they are a "graphic" not an
>How can I convert a graphic to an image?
>Bill Vlahos


I tried Chipp Walter's solution and I get a "Rev has unexpectedly 
quit" message at the line:

        import snapshot from rectangle tRect of window tWinID

Don't know why. According to the docs it should work. Could this be 
an OS X problem? (Rev 2.2.1, Mac OS X 2.3)

Could you just use a single circle graphic (with a text field below) 
and then just set the background color of the circle graphic as 


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