Basic database primer V1

docmann docmann at
Sat Jan 8 23:53:00 EST 2005

Hello Bob,
I just grabbed the tutorial stack and would also like to say thanks for 
your effort! :)
My approach to learning to use Rev has been very task oriented so far 
(as always it seems). I had a specific app in mind and just dove off 
into the deep end, dug through the documentation and then yelled for 
help when needed...

Unfortunately, I still haven't taken time to really explore many 
possibilities outside of the needs for my current project, so your 
tutorial will come in *very handy* in the near future.

Here's a general question: When using  a standalone that calls a stack 
for data storage purposes such as with the tutorial, does the data stack 
have to use the .rev file extension or can it be used with any extention 
we choose? [ .dat, etc.]

Again, thanks for sharing!!


Bob Hartley wrote:

> Hi All.
> I have been getting together a basic primer for a database for 
> newbies. It is on revonline under general ad the stack is called 
> This will help me get to grips with making a database app but it may 
> be worth while for newbies wanting to make a database app for a 
> stanalone.
> What it does is this.
> It has a group of buttons that navigate between cards, a button that 
> deletes a card and one that makes a new card. There is a field which 
> has the text inserted into a list.
> The Menus are a bit dodgy at the moment (some things don't work) but 
> when I update them you can see the changes. If anyone has any simple 
> suggestions, please add to the thread. Then when the next release is 
> added we can create a new thread V2 and then V3 etc. Then Newbies can 
> follow the app stage by stage.
> I'll post when there are updates and what the changes are.
> I think, since I have had so much help, I should put some effort back 
> in. :-)
> Cheers
> Bob

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