Quicktime player and relative path

duane poncy tsalagi at elohigadugi.org
Sat Jan 8 19:44:03 EST 2005

Thanks Scott for your reply.

My problem seems to be something else entirely. Until I 
built the 
standalone, I was using an absolute path, so I never 
to even check out the relative path.   Even within the
IDE environment I cannot get it to work. I have set a 
path from The Rev app. As soon as I set the path to my mp3
in the property inspector, the player disappears in my
stack. I even tried to move my mp3 and stack both into the
same folder as the Revolution app, so I couldn't make any
mistakes with the relative path. Same result.

On Sat, 08 Jan 2005 14:48:56 -0800, Scott Rossi wrote:
> Recently, duane poncy wrote:
>>  I have tried to build my first standalone with Rev 2.5.  My
>>  program needs a seperate mp3 to function, but the player
>>  did not show up on my stack in the standalone.
>>  Back to the Rev program. The player shows up fine with an
>>  absolute path, but when I set a relative path, my player
>>  disappears.  I thought at first that I was designating the
>>  path incorrectly, so I tried several different
>>  alternatives. No luck. The player only shows up with an
>>  absolute path. I even tried putting the mp3 in the same
>>  folder as the app. Didn't work.  Can someone tell me what
>>  I'm doing wrong?
> Make sure you know what the path is relative to: your stack or the engine.
> When you work in the IDE and use a relative path, the path will be relative
> to the engine, which is in the Applications folder, unless you explicitly
> reference a path to your stack.  Once you've built a standalone, the engine
> is now a part of your stack which is likely in a new location (not the
> Applications folder), so the relative path will be different.
> In my work, I usually build absolute paths based on the fileName of the
> stack, storing it for later reference.
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