basic database primer V1

Bob Hartley rev at
Sat Jan 8 16:00:29 EST 2005

Hi All.

I have been getting together a basic primer for a database for newbies. It 
is on revonline under general ad the stack is called "BASIC DATABASE PRIMER".

This will help me get to grips with making a database app but it may be 
worth while for newbies wanting to make a database app for a stanalone.

What it does is this.

It has a group of buttons that navigate between cards, a button that 
deletes a card and one that makes a new card. There is a field which has 
the text inserted into a list.

The Menus are a bit dodgy at the moment (some things don't work) but when I 
update them you can see the changes. If anyone has any simple suggestions, 
please add to the thread. Then when the next release is added we can create 
a new thread V2 and then V3 etc. Then Newbies can follow the app stage by 

I'll post when there are updates and what the changes are.

I think, since I have had so much help, I should put some effort back in. :-)


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