Indirect Chunk References

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Fri Jan 7 20:33:44 EST 2005

Thanks, Ken and Robert.  I knew that.  There is a subtle difference between
a groove and a rut.  It's called take a break once in a while... Jim

on 1/7/05 11:12 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 1/7/05 8:32 AM, "Jim Carwardine" <JimCarwardine at>
> wrote:
>> Hi Folks... Maybe I'm looking at this app too long.  I do this kind of code
>> all the time and I can't figure out what I doing wrong.  I'm having trouble
>> with referencing a chunk.  I keep getting the actual chunk expression in my
>> stack label, not the selected line it's supposed to reference.  Here's my
>> handler...
> I think it's because you're using the "selectedLine" instead of the
> "selectedText"... 'selectedLine' returns a chunk expression; 'selectedText'
> returns the highlighted text. So since you don't need any object descriptor
> code, this would leave:
> on eventManager theEvent
>   if theEvent is empty then set the label of this stack to "New Event"
>   else set the label of this stack to theEvent
> end eventManager
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