[ANN]EnhancedQT Beta 4

Trevor DeVore trevor at mangomultimedia.com
Fri Jan 7 15:05:35 EST 2005

I have posted 1.0.0 beta 4 of the EnhancedQT external at which you can 
get to from Revolution section of the Blue Mango Multimedia website:


Additions -

Updated Docs - I've added the version of QuickTime that each function 
SHOULD work with.  I haven't tested each function with each version of 
QT but the info is based on the QuickTime API documentation provided by 
Apple.  I've also updated the docs in various areas.

TimeCode - qtGetCurrentTimeCode can be used to get the current timecode 
of a movie with a timecode track.

qtGetMovieFileType - Added "qtvr" to the types returned.

Various bug fixes that I have after having made I have since forgotten 
about.  I know one of them had to do with "qtCanOpenFile".

Trevor DeVore
Blue Mango Multimedia
trevor at mangomultimedia.com

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