More on Windows printing...

James Steiner gregortroll at
Thu Jan 6 23:05:14 EST 2005

> Unfortunately, there is still a difference between the two. It is a
> small difference, but it is there.
> I am not too worried about it for this project, because, for my
> purposes, I can just use either the Modern or Garamond fonts, for which
> the printer fonts are quite close, but a teeny bit smaller, so it wont
> get clipped at the edges of fields.
> For a future project I have in mind, I would really like to be able to
> have a document that one just works on, with whatever fonts are desired,
> and it comes out exactly as you see. Having to work on the layout in one
> mode, then switch to another to see what the layout will look like, is
> just too clunky for a practical work flow, when dealing with many
> documents.

Not knowing what your projects are... I would ask: Is such a degree of
concordance really that important that it's worth spending so much
time and energy on it? Is it essential to the application's function?
If that is the case, if that is the most important thing, one has to
wonder if this is the best tool to use for your application.  Perhaps
a lower-level developement environment would be better? Or a higer
one? Word macros?


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