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Anyone try this? Jerry Daniels says it solved his printing woes.

Use the formatForPrinting property to improve printout appearance on 
Windows systems.

The formatForPrinting of a stack is true or false.

By default, the formatForPrinting property of newly created stacks is 
set to false.

Windows systems may use different font versions for printing and for 
screen display, and the spacing of the print version may differ from the 
spacing of the screen version. This can result in layouts and line 
breaks differing between the screen display and the printed result. For 
the best appearance of printed cards in a stack, make sure the stack is 
closed (and not in memory), then set the stack's formatForPrinting 
property to true before opening the stack to print it.

Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Lynch, Jonathan wrote:
>  > But - somehow MS word manages to look the same between both.
>  > Not to sound paranoid or anything, but I tend to imagine it
>  > was designed that way on purpose to make it tougher for
>  > competing programs.
> It seems you're not paranoid at all.
> The decades' old rumors of Micro$oft using undocumented APIs in their 
> own apps were confirmed in some of the anti-trust lawsuits won against 
> them by more than two dozen governments worldwide in recent years.
> References:
> <>
> <>
> <>
> <> 
> More:
> <>
> Maybe the most entertaining read on the subject is Penfield Jackson's 
> Finding of Facts on the case:
> <>
> Excerpt:
>   "Microsoft has demonstrated that it will use its prodigious
>    market power and immense profits to harm any firm that
>    insists on pursuing initiatives that could intensify
>    competition against one of Microsoft's core products. The
>    ultimate result is that some innovations that would truly
>    benefit consumers never occur for the sole reason that
>    they do not coincide with Microsoft's self-interest."
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