Problem with field borderwidth 2

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Tue Jan 4 07:44:44 EST 2005

On Mon, 03 Jan 2005, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:

Wilhelm Sanke wrote:

> >>>> If you turn on the threeD property it should.  What happens there 
> when
> >>>> you do it?
> >
> >>
> >> Turning the threeD property on or off does not make a difference here.
> Works like a charm here, providing the style is also changed to "shadow".
> Anyone else not able to turn off XP rendering of a field by simply
> changing it to "shadow" and turning its threeD off?
> --
>   Richard Gaskin

My intention was to have relief-like three-dimensional vertical and 
horizontal lines between the fields - as part of the visual design. This 
is achieved by immediately adjacent fields with the threeD property set 
to true.
This is why I then stumbled across the problem that with borderwidth 2 
on WindowsXP you suddenly get transparent gaps between the fields.

Setting the shadow to true (with shadowoffset 0) does not make any 
difference here. And then, when I turn the threeD property off - 
irrespective of whether shadow is true or not - the transparent gap 
between the immediate adjacent fields indeed vanishes and you get a 
default black border around the field (unless you specify a different 
color), but the intended relief-like lines between the fields are not 
there - as you need threeD for that.

This is on WindowsXP Service Pack 2

Tuviah Snyder has confirmed  Bugzilla 2508 in the meantime


Wilhelm Sanke

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